About Us


Sidework Studio is a small shop run by me, Ryan Ives, with help from my wife Alex and our dog Pepper. I specialize in printmaking, photography, design, and having a good time. I love what I do. The term "sidework" comes from restaurant kitchen jargon and is all the little tasks that are absolutely essential to running a successful business. It isn't always just the shiny, pretty front-end stuff.

The environment is extremely important to us!

We print on sustainable and recycled papers, as well as paper made in facilities that utilize alternative energy and other sustainable practices. All scraps, trimmings and other papers are recycled or repurposed into makeready, drawdowns, or even new projects. All cleanup, except for the rubber inking rollers, is done using vegetable oil. All shop lighting is LED. We do our best to limit our waste and energy footprint as much as possible.

Donating to charities!

We are so proud to announce that a portion of every sale, from now until forever, will go to a select list of charities that we feel are important, and do the most good for our planet and humanity.