Who We Are


Sidework Studio is a small design and print shop run by husband-and-wife team Ryan Ives and Alex Cummings. We met way back in art school where we learned and built our skills in design, printmaking and illustration. Over the years, we've refined and honed these skills to be able to make letterpress printed goods, woodblock prints and fine prints.

By day, Alex is a graphic designer for a non-profit working to end childhood hunger and Ryan is a high school art teacher. We live and breathe art and design. Ryan does the hand-lettering, illustration and printing. Alex designs like a boss and makes sure everything we create looks great. 

We love to cook and we love to eat! The term "sidework" stems from restaurant kitchen jargon and relates to all the little tasks that are absolutely essential to running a successful business. It isn't always just the shiny, pretty front-end stuff. Food is a big deal to us and the idea to use a term from the restaurant world seemed fitting.



What We Do

We specialize in works on paper: Letterpress, traditional fine printmaking (relief, intaglio and lithography) and screenprinting. We love the tactile nature of paper and the printing processes. Letterpress is the act of physically pressing an image or text into a nice cushy paper. Nothing feels quite like it. And that is what sets these old printing techniques apart from your average inkjet printer.

There's so much love and time and planing that goes into a printing project. It takes a certain amount of patience, knowledge, and a bit of OCD. When we finish a piece, there's more than just the finished product you'll be holding or hanging on your wall. There's the essence of two people working hard, having fun, and loving what they do in everything that we make.

Our work spans from bright and fun hand-lettered cards to limited edition letterpress and hand-carved woodblock prints. We recently acquired a lithography and etching press and will soon be offering fine art prints in limited editions, as well as seeking collaborative printing opportunities with other artists.

In addition, we love bringing others' dream projects to life. Creating wedding invitation suites, birth announcements, Bat/Bar Mitzvah invitation suites, party invitations, business cards, personal or business stationery and design services are the most common things we can do. We can build something from the ground up with you or if you have your own design and just need it printed, we can do that, too.


What can we help you with?


Do you need design services? Printing services? Both? Or do you just want to say hello? Get in touch with us below. We look forward to talking with you.

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